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About Us
     QUATRONIX Integrated Solutions (QUATRONIX) is a full-service electronics distribution
     and manufacturing services company that specializes in bringing the efficiencies of
     supply chain management (SCM) to all customers seeking outsourcing services in China .
     Until now, the advantages of supply chain management were largely limited to Tier One
     companies with global needs even though most second and third tier manufacturers have
     many of the same needs.
     QUATRONIX had grown to perfectly fill this niche. Because we have established a strong
     reputation as both an electronics distributor and a manufacturing services firm, we are
     in a unique position to provide supply chain management services to outsourcing
     customers. For more than 15 years these businesses have kept us right in the middle of
     the supply chain. The experience gained as the gatekeeper between manufacturers and
     customers enables us to help:
       Fulfill the demands through the most efficient use of resources
       Optimize manufacturing flow to eliminate bottlenecks
       Optimization to maximize the efficiency of the distribution side
       Improve cycle times
       Reduce total costs
       Get products to market faster
       Eliminate product shortages or excess inventory that impacts your working
       Integrate your processes with those of your other supply chain partners
     Even though your business is not in global yet, but we can help you build and operate a
     world-class supply chain!
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