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About Us
        Since QUATRONIX was founded in 1994, we've dedicated ourselves to distributing products
        in the fields of ICs, Data Acquisitions, and Data Communications, from manufacturers in the
        United States, to satisfy our Chinese customers' needs. We have established and solidated
        our business relationships with our manufacturers and our about customers by working closely
        with them.  The in-depth knowledge and extensive experience our products and customer
        applications have enabled our customers to rely on us with absolute confidence.
        Over the years, our role of selling components and instrumentations in China has been
        gradually shifted to supply chain management the global economy has changed rapidly, more
        challenges have been created for our customers, so we have stepped in system integrating
        solutions to help our customers and suppliers to become more profitable. To ensure the quality
        of our customer service, we communicate with our customers and suppliers openly, honestly
        and ona timely basis to satisfy our customers' needs and expectations.
        Our success in moving products through the distribution channels has made us to be more
        enthusiastic to server our customers in a more efficient way, such as, putting customers
        information at our customers' fingertips, inverstigating new technology to server our in a
        faster and more cost-effective way, etc...
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