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       China Quatech, Inc. was founded in 1994 as a small distributor representing a limited number
       of manufacturers of U.S. in China.  Beijing office was the first branch office to be set up in China.
       China Quatech, Inc.  changed its name to be Quatronix, Inc. in 2000.  The following recaps some
       milestones in the company's history:
                      1994 China Quatech was founded in Akron , Ohio.   In the same year, Beijing
                        Quatech Electronics Co. was founded in Beijing, China .  The mission is    
                        distributing America and made high technology products in China .
                      2000 China Quatech, Inc. changed its company name to be Quatronix, Inc.,
                        continually represented several US companies in China.  A new branch office
                        opened in Shanghai, an eastern China city.
                      2000 Invested on a design firm in Beijing.
                      2000 Invested on a printed circuit board manufacturer in Hebei province, China.
                      2001 Invested on a sensor and instrumentation company in Hebei province China.
                      2003 Join venture plastic molding manufacturer in Beijing , China .
                      2006 Purchased new office suites in Beijing, China .
                      2007 A branch office opened in Shenzhen, a southern part of China city .
                      We are proud to having our business rapidly expanded in last 15 years. Our values  
                        concept and business ethics haven't changed and never will.  Yet, we  have re- invented
                        ourselves numerous time to creat better  service to meet our customers' needs.
       Quatronix has been tried its best to be poised to help our customer surviving from global industrial change.
       Our dedicated teams now focus on our core areas of business by aligning our business to coincide with our
       customers' needs and growing our business continually and thrivingly.
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