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Product line

       Data Acquisition
       Data acquisition and control products is used for measurement and quantization of analog and digital signals
       for subsequent processing, analysis, data transmission, and control mechanisms for process applications. 
       In this context, data acquisition boards can be considered as an interface between an analog signal and
       digital computation, processing and control.
             Portable Data Acquisition Module
             PCI & Compact PCI Data Acquisition Boards
             Strain & Vibration-Measurement System
             Temperature-Measurement Instruments
             High-Speed Data Acquisition board
             Multi-channel Digital I/O Board
             Analog Output Board
        Isolation Analog Signal Conditioning Modules
        The B Series Signal Conditioning product line of high quality Instrument ClassTM DSCA ,SCM, SCT, DSCT,
        DSCL, and DSCP isolated analog I/O modules, signal isolators, and transmitters are designed to provide a
        wide variety of process and monitoring solutions.  The signal conditioning product solutions protect valuable
        measurement and control signals and equipment from the dangerous and degrading effects of noise,
        transient power surges, internal ground loops, and other hazards present in industrial environments.
        For more details: DATAFORTH
        Accelerometers are instruments for measuring acceleration and detecting and measuring vibration and
        vibrations.   Accelerometers can measure vibration in machines, vehicles, buildings, structures, processes
       and  control systems, and safety installations.  They can be used to measure many things with or without the
       effects of gravity.
            Dual Output Accelerometers
            High Frequency Accelerometers
            High G Accelerometers
            High Temperature Accelerometer
            Low Frequency Accelerometers
            Multi Purpose Accelerometers
            Triaxial Accelerometers
        For more details: CTC
        Icon-Based DASYLab is a powerful tool for reviewing and analyzing previously acquired data.  It offers real-
        time analysis, control, and the ability to create custom graphical user interfaces(GUIs).
        For more details: DASYTEC
        Advanced mechanical engineering software to design and engineering testing and analysis of mechanical
        structures including structural dynamics, structural analysis, thermal analysis, modal analysis, modal test
        (modal survey), model correlation, durability, and vibro-acoustics.
        For more details: ATA
        IEEE 488 Products
            IEEE 488 Control Hardware expands to include IEEE 488.2 interfaces for most popular PC bus and
              communication port: PCI, PC(ISA), AT(ISA), PC/104, PC-Card, RS-232/422
            IEEE 488 Support Products include IEEE 488 bus Analyzer, Extender, Isolator, Parallel/IEEE 488
              Converter, Serial/IEEE 4888 Converter
            IEEE 488 Data Acquisition Instruments add analog input, analog output, and digital I/O functions to
              existing  IEEE 488 or serial-based test systems
       For more details: CEC, IOTECH
       Solid-State Relay
       This Series of Slim Input and Output Modules provide the inter-changeability of working with the largest
       installed base of optically-isolated I/O modules complete with hold-down screw as well as allowing the user
       save up to 30% of expensive panel space.   All modules are UL recognized, CSA certified and CE compliant.
        For more details: WRC
       Data Communication
       Data communication is fundamentally a simple operation.   Point A sends information to Point B and Point B
       receives it.  A slightly more complex, and more practical, system allows Point A to send information to and
       receive information from Point B, and vice versa.   It is what lies between points A and that has been the
       substance of data communication system development since before the personal computer, or any computer
       for that matter, was ever invented.   Our communication products providing RS-232 and RS-422 serial port,
       supported asynchronous and synchronous protocols.
          Device Networking:
               802.11 Embedded Modules & Radios
               Serial Device Servers
               Wireless Device Servers
           Device Connectivity:
               USB Adapters
               PCMCIA Communication Cards
               ExpressCard Cards
               Serial Boards, Extenders& Converters
               Bluetooth Adapters
        For more details: QUATECH
        Mil-STD-1553 Bus Products
             Mil-1553B Bus analyzer
             Fully Validated 1553 Terminals, Xcvrs and IP/FPGA Core Solutions
             Standard 1 MHz and Over-Clocked 2MHz, 4MHz and 10MHz 1553 products
             Board Products for Test, Simulation and Software Development
             Industrial, Military and Full -883 Screening
             3.3V Xcvrs/Terminals
             BGA Terminals
             1553 PMC Mezzanines and CPCI Boards
        For more details: NHI
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